Safety inspectors on warpath

High visibility inspections are being conducted this week in parts of NSW to verify quality and safety standards at construction sites.

NSW Fair Trading Inspectors will verify if tradespeople are licensed appropriately and will audit buildings for non-compliance or early signs of major defects, according to Matt Press, Executive Director Compliance, leading the charge.

The inspections are being carried out across building sites south of Sydney, targeting the Illawarra region. The visits, according to Mr Press, are an example of the construction industry being held to account for workplace safety and building quality.

“Builders need to understand that serious injury and death is not an acceptable part of getting the job done,” he said. “All developments are expected to be built to the same high standards whether it is in a regional town or big city.”

SafeWork Inspectors will also focus on high risks associated with working at heights, electrical work, moving plant, structural safety and dust disease.

“Where workers are at risk of death or serious injury inspectors will take strong compliance action, including issuing penalty notices where appropriate,” Mr Press said.

He warned that NSW Fair Trading and SafeWork NSW will be carrying out “similar high visibility compliance work … across the State” to “drive change and restore public confidence in the industry”.

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Image: NSW Government

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