The Queensland Committee worked hard to provide a program of events in 2021 that were educational, interesting and relevant to our Members. In 2022, we will once again be offering our face-to-face events and a fortnightly program of webinars covering topics of interest to all of our Members. We have prepared a schedule of events for 2022, please note this schedule is subject to change.

The Queensland Committee would like to acknowledge and thank our Annual Sponsors for their ongoing support and contribution. With their support, we are able to consistently deliver a quality program of events.

If you or your organisation is interested in sponsoring the Queensland events in 2022, please contact Gayle Townsend via email – qld@concreteinstitute.com.au or telephone 0459 590 044.

Queensland Committee

PresidentGreg van Rooyen
Vice PresidentTasha Eagle
Secretary/TreasurerMichael Booy
Immediate Past PresidentGavin Chadbourn
Committee MemberBrodie Chan
Committee MemberColin Ginger
Committee MemberCraig Roberts
Committee MemberCraig Wright
Committee MemberDaniel Anstice
Committee MemberEoin O’Donovan
Committee MemberGraham Hull
Committee MemberIan Bishop
Committee MemberInam Khan
Committee MemberKipp Richter
Committee MemberMatt Hales
Committee MemberShawn Perry
Committee MemberWeena Lokuge
Gold Coast Regional Committee ConvenorTiffany Parker
North Queensland Regional Committee ConvenorRabin Tuladhar

North Queensland Regional Committee

Regional Committee ConvenorRabin Tuladhar
Regional Committee Deputy ConvenorTim Hansen
Regional Committee MemberTony Collister
Regional Committee MemberEyal Azulay
Regional Committee MemberPatrick Murray
Regional Committee MemberGovinda Pandey
Regional Committee MemberAdrian Gabrielli

Gold Coast Regional Committee

Regional Committee ConvenorTiffany Parkler
Regional Committee MemberJeung-Hwan Doh
Regional Committee MemberRyan Young
Regional Committee MemberTim Peters
Regional Committee MemberYvonne Ulas
Regional Committee MemberSimon Ip
Regional Committee MemberLuke Menefy