eConcrete FAQs

How does eConcrete work?

Each eConcrete module contains a recorded presentation which includes the presenters audio and PowerPoint. Specific modules may also include an electronic pdf copy of notes.

Do I have to watch a whole eConcrete session all at once?

Each eConcrete session can be completed in your own time and at your own pace, with the option to pause, rewind and forward each section as necessary.

*Notes are only included as part of the ticket price when they are available. Inclusions may vary depending on the seminar. Any inclusions of notes will be outlined in each webinar listing.

How do I access eConcrete?

eConcrete Presentations or Seminars can be purchased and downloaded via the appropriate links. Members receive a discount on all packages. A link, along with your login and password, will then be emailed to you when your payment is processed. If hardcopy notes are included in your purchase, they will be mailed to you within 1-2 business days

How long do I have access?

The eConcrete Presentation or Seminar purchased will be available to view for 90 days from when you first login to the eConcrete Online Learning Portal. They can be viewed multiple times during this period, and there is no download limit to the amount of times any softcopy notes that are included can be downloaded.