Concrete - Durability

Tuesday 11 June 2024
5:00pm - 8:30pm (UTC+08:00) Perth
The Shoe Bar
Yagan Square, 376 - 420 Wellington St, Perth, WA 6050
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Event Summary

Join us for an enlightening technical seminar focused on Concrete Durability, a critical topic for engineers, suppliers, and contractors. This seminar will delve into the latest advancements in concrete technology and their implications for long-term durability. Experts in the field will present case studies and research findings on enhancing the durability of concrete in various environmental conditions. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in discussions about innovative materials, design strategies, and maintenance practices that extend the lifespan of concrete structures. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, this seminar promises to offer valuable insights into the evolving world of concrete durability.

CONCRETE - Made to Last for Ages
Giles Harrison and Bogdan Dana

Concrete durability is a complex and multifaceted topic that requires careful consideration of various factors. 
By understanding the key elements that influence concrete's resistance to deterioration, engineers and construction professionals can design and build structures that withstand the test of time.

To ensure the long-term durability of concrete, it is recommended to: 
1) prioritize compressive strength and low permeability in the concrete, 
2) design the concrete products in a scientific way, incorporate admixtures to enhance resistance to water and chemicals attack and 
3) implement regular inspection and monitoring of concrete surfaces and reinforcement corrosion.


Achieving the designed durability and each stakeholder’s responsibility therein
Graham Carlisle

 During the initial stages of a project, asset owners and designers agree upon and then stipulate a design life for an asset and by extension, the required durability of the said concrete structure and its components in order to achieve this design life. This sets in motion a series of requirements and objectives that, as a minimum, need to be achieved by all stakeholders throughout the phases of the project to ensure that the final product, an RCS in this case, achieves the intended durability. The issue arises when unforeseen constraints and competing interests, whether it be tight budget controls by Contractors to protect their profit margin or limited engineering capacity by Asset owners to provide oversight on change orders, erodes the robustness of the original basis of design and thus impacting on the ability of the RCS to achieve its intended durability.

This presentation will look at some examples of where each of the various stakeholders, for example designers, asset owners, construction contractors and material vendors, may have inadvertently impacted on the durability of an RCS during its construction phase.  


Durability challenges and experiences maintaining asset integrity in a highly corrosion environment of salt mining
Jemma Ehsman

This presentation will provide insight into the challenges of managing assets in a highly corrosive salt mine environment, including the unique perspective a background in durability provides. 


Bogdan Dana, Senior Engineer Materials & Corrosion - TECHT
Bogdan Dana is a Chemical Engineer/Industrial Chemist who has held a PhD in Chemistry since 2003.

Bogdan has been working since 1993 with polymers, resins, coating materials, composite materials, concrete, and pigments. He has been actively involved in the synthesis, testing, approval, Quality Control, and manufacturing of all these materials and has an appetite for developing and testing new products.

He is very thorough with the evaluation of benchmark products and is well-connected with major suppliers of all types of chemical products for most industrial applications.

With experience in product stewardship and evaluation for a wide range of industries, as well as site trials for product approvals, Bogdan has been involved in major construction and industrial projects, each needing to meet specific client needs and requirements.

Giles Harrison, Managing Director & Co-Founder - DeTECHT 
Giles is the Managing Director at TECHT and the lead consultant of the DeTECHT division. As a corrosion consultant with over two decades of experience, he’s actively involved in various corrosion consulting tasks. These include failure analysis investigations, plant inspections, developing corrosion mitigation strategies, including design and installation of CP systems, aiding in material selection for projects, as well as reviewing and overseeing concrete and structural remedial activities.

He has worked to develop and implement a systematic and integrated RBI process for fixed plant assets for numerous asset owners across the southern hemisphere.

More recently he is leading initiatives to optimise process plant assets in sustainable ways. His work extends to developing and implementing systematic sustainability measures for a range of industries, ensuring long-term environmental and operational benefits.

Graham Carlisle
Graham Carlisle is an experienced Corrosion and Specialist Asset Integrity Engineer with a demonstrated history working within multiple industry sectors to ensure durability of assets are realised through proper design, material selection, corrosion mitigation and quality assurance. Being skilled across disciplines such as Management, Business Administration, Contract Negotiation, Protective Coatings, Cathodic Protection, Corrosion Mitigation and Materials, he has a well-balanced insight into both the technical and commercial aspects of achieving asset durability and ensuring asset integrity throughout their lifecycle. He is an engineering professional with a Master of Chemical Engineering (MChemEng), a Master of Science in Corrosion Engineering from Curtin University and an MBA (Finance Specialisation) from Edith Cowan University.

Jemma Ehsman
Jemma Ehsman is a Structural / Civil Engineer who has worked in the field of corrosion, durability and asset management for over 8 years. Jemma has worked across multiple sectors, beginning her career in consultancy, and now works at Dampier Salt (Rio Tinto), managing structural and civil integrity across its three site operations.

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