New project for Cairns Marine Precinct

A road upgrade and bridge will provide direct access from two shipyards in Cairns as part of the new Cairns Marine Precinct in Far North Queensland.

The state government will spend $27 million on the road and bridge so that Norship and Austral shipyards will have direct access to the planned common user facility for the precinct at Portsmith.

The 1.2 kilometre road upgrade with increased load capacity and a 30 metre bridge will allow the two shipyards at the Cairns Marine Precinct (CMP) at the Port of Cairns to lift vessels out of facilities and access the common user facility using existing travel lifts.

The Queensland Government said a further $12 million fund would be established to revamp facilities at local shipyards in Cairns, however, this is subject to matched industry funding and business cases. It forms part of the plan to enhance the Cairns Marine Precinct as a premier marine maintenance hub.

The road upgrade and bridge are aimed to assisting local industry meet the demand for ship maintenance work while the $300 common user facility is being built.

This facility, when complete, will feature ship lift facilities capable of lifting vessels up to 120 metres and 5000 tonnes. It also includes three hardstand areas and two paint and blast sheds. It is expected to be complete in 2027 or 2028.

Image via SMC: The company’s work at the CMP provided a 55 metre barge with a 300t crawling crane with its unique large blue marine piling leaders that can handle long piles and install raked piles in any direction.

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