Heads-up for civil and bridge works contractors

Applications from new companies are now being accepted for the Preferred Supply Arrangement for Civil and Bridge works which has been established by the South Australian Government.

The state’s Department for Infrastructure and Transport has set up the Preferred Supply Arrangement for Civil and Bridge works (PSACB) to provide a commercial contractual framework directly aligned to the department’s current Roadworks and Bridgeworks Prequalification.

“This will provide for an efficient, transparent and simplified arrangement for Construct Only, and Design and Construct procurements, that are considered to be low to medium risk, where works are valued up to $50 million,” the SA DIT stated.

However, the department advised that companies wishing to apply to the PSACB must first be prequalified with the DIT’s Roadworks and Bridge works in Roadworks level R1 / R2 / R3 and above; and Bridge works level B1 / B2 / B3 and above.

To become prequalified, a company must demonstrate that it has the experience, technical capacity, available resources, and management systems necessary to competently undertake the work. The DIT said a company may apply for prequalification in any category at any time.

While new companies are welcome to apply it is not necessary for existing approved PSACB suppliers to re-apply. More information and application forms are available for download. Applications may be emailed to DIT.PSACB@sa.gov.au.

Image: South Australia’s Old Murray Bridge is undergoing major refurbishment works that are expected to be complete later this year.

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