Encouraging future First Nations engineers

A short pre-engineering course featuring the technical fundamentals of engineering and professional awareness through projects has been specifically designed for First Nations students by Charles Darwin university.

Participants will be mentored by First Nations role models, expert academics and tutors, and have the opportunity to go on site visits and meet industry representatives.

The intensive four-week program at CDU will also focus on literacy and is hoping to attract future engineers who are creative and look at obstacles differently. The program will run from 9 January to 3 February 2023 and is open to all applicants.

CDU College of Engineering, IT and Environment Lecturer and Unit Coordinator, Dr Cat Kutay, said there was a significant shortage of First Nations engineers so she urges First Nations students to pursue the course to see how traditional knowledge could link to a career.

“It’ll be of benefit to have Aboriginal engineers employed at a skilled level because in industry we don’t just look for engineers, we look for creative engineers. People who can look at a problem differently and bring new ideas to the problem and can apply themselves in different ways,” Dr Kutay said.

“If we can encourage more Aboriginal people to gain skills, to advance up through the organisations in engineering, then we can bring their knowledge into engineering, which I believe will be of great advantage.”

The course opens up opportunities to explore further study in engineering, including the Tertiary Enabling Program, Diploma of Engineering, Associate Degree of Engineering and the Bachelor of Engineering Science and is targeted at industries seeking to upskill First Nations employees and support them into engineering careers.

Learn more about CDU’s First Nations Pre-Engineering Course. CDU has multiple campuses in the Northern Territory and around Australia.

Image source: AWA

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