World-first type of concrete pour

The world’s first wind turbine foundation made from zero percent clinker decarbonised concrete has been poured in France.

The pour used 630 square metres of decarbonated concrete which resulted in a saving of 33 tonnes of CO₂ – 32% less traditional concrete.

Hoffmann Green Cement worked with the green energy enterprise Valorem Group to achieve the world-first at Plaine des Moulins wind farm in Jazeneuil, France.

The pour required a demanding operation where it was carried out in a single operation with a very high density reinforcement to ensure the durability of the wind turbine structure.

The Plaine des Moulins wind farm will comprise five wind turbines, each 180 metres high at the blade tip, with a total installed capacity of 18 MW.

This will generate around 42 GWh of green electricity, equivalent to 18.6% of the electricity consumption of the Haut Poitou community.

The wind farm is scheduled for commissioning in early 2025.

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