Response to major construction issues

A Building Defects Library has been launched by the NSW Building Commission along with a regional compliance office to deal with “some shocking projects” in the state.

The Library provides technical reference standards for the five most common defects for structures; fire safety; waterproofing; building enclosure; and services as per the building elements in theDesign and Building Practitioner (DBP) Act

These are grouped with the relevant National Construction Code (NCC) and Australian Standards. These are specifically in reference to class 2, 3 and 9c buildings – residential apartments, public buildings and aged care. It is intended to help building professionals draft formal communications more quickly, according to the Commission.

Some defects have an additional information section to provide commentary or further information but the Building Defects Library is catalogued so the contents of each defect can be read in isolation. 

The NSW Building Commission is also on the war path over serious defects in major building projects in the Illawarra region south of Sydney where a permanent office of 10 compliance inspectors (pictured) started work on 1 July 2024.

There are more than 4000 active construction sites in the region where Assistant Building Commissioner Matt Press told ABC News the issues are proportionate to the construction activity.

“Unfortunately, the reality is we have seen some shocking projects here,” Mr Press said.

Image via ABC News.

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