Precast above and below

The new Sydney Fish Market project is scheduled to open in 2024 with precast concrete featuring in the build above and below the water line.

In the latest update from Infrastructure NSW, a permanent crane is being installed early this year to replace a a temporary crane that was installed on the site in December to replace a fallen crane jib. Construction company Multiplex continues to work with relevant government agencies to investigate the crane jib collapse.

Prior to this, precast elements were installed on top of steel piles for the western promenade while installation for those on the eastern promenade will continue over the coming months. Precast panels have been produced at nearby Glebe Island by forming reinforcement bars and pouring concrete to shape then transported by barge to the site and lifted in place by the crane.

The NSW Government has the site slated for completion in late 2024 with Bridge Road works currently continuing, along with the building structure; roof structure and canopy; façade installation; fit-out works; landscape and public domain works; substation energization; wharves; sea habitat installation; and the completion of public art.

Around 700 new jobs have been created during construction of the project which includes a waterfront promenade, ferry wharf, and 6000 sqm of public space. You can view a 01:20 video recap of the works throughout the last year.

Once construction of the building is complete, marine habitat enhancement will be implemented which will include seawall panels of precast concrete fused with recycled oyster shells and crushed sandstone designed to mimic rocky reefs and seaweed forests. This will create essential habitats for different species of fish, seaweed and oysters.

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