Pouring on the concrete work

Concrete pours will commence 11 May on Multiplex’s big Sydney Fish Markets project.

Construction has already commenced on the main structure at the site in Blackwattle Bay, Glebe, which is close to the edge of Sydney CBD.

Infrastructure NSW has announced that the concrete pours via Bridge Road, Glebe, will continue on scheduled days for the next six months, with extra hours of work for the concrete construction.

The entire building will require around 33,800m³ of a specialised concrete mix designed to reduce C0₂ emissions and ensure durability in line with the building’s 100-year design life.

To achieve this, the specialised mix has been designed to combine early age strength, low shrinkage, and low heat generation, meeting sustainability requirements that include 30% reduction in cement by using supplementary materials; 25% usage of manufactured sand; and 50% usage of recycled water.

“It is expected that standard construction hours (7am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 3.30pm Saturdays) will not allow enough time to complete the finishing works for larger slabs,” Infrastructure NSW stated.

“Approval has been granted to allow works to continue until 8pm on weekdays, when required.”

These late evening activities might include concrete deliveries and slab finishing works using concrete levelling equipment, hand and vibrating tools.

There will be an average of 75 concrete mixing trucks per day, travelling to the site to supply concrete with the numbers varying depending on the scale of each pour.

“The project is sourcing concrete from the nearby Hanson plant in Pyrmont,” Infrastructure NSW stated. “This will optimise traffic movements and reduce CO₂ impacts.” Image via SMH. Credit: Brook Mitchell

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