NSW expands powers over aerotropolis

Infrastructure NSW has had to step in to ensure the delivery of critical infrastructure around the new Western Sydney Airport due to “red tape and unacceptable delays”.

The NSW Government has expanded the powers of Infrastructure NSW as well as the Co-ordinator General to “better co-ordinate” housing, energy, freight, logistics infrastructure and a focus on jobs across the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

“Currently, priorities and delivery timeframes on projects can differ significantly between agencies, which is creating unnecessary red tape and unacceptable delays,” the state government said. “It’s clear that a more streamlined approach is needed.”

Infrastructure NSW has also been given new powers to step in if required to actively resolve blocks or disagreements between agencies over delivery. The government revealed discussions had taken place with local leaders, businesses, local government, and stakeholders about the lack of co-ordination of the aerotropolis’ infrastructure.

Paul Scully, Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, said Infrastructure NSW will also be tasked with developing a sector plan for the aerotropolis to identify the type, location and time of infrastructure required to support the master plan and zoning for the 114 hectare area around the Nancy Bird Walton Airport.

It was also revealed that the Western Parkland City Authority is being renamed the Bradfield Development Authority which will focus solely on delivering Bradfield town centre at the heart of the aerotropolis.

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