New concrete specs for roads and bridges

New technical specifications are now available for using concrete in the construction of bridges and roads.

Austroads has released eight additional technical specifications and one associated test method detailing the requirements and guidelines for concrete.

These set out the requirements for design, supply and mixing of cementitious mortars and grouts, coring of hardened concrete, installation of post installed chemical anchors, construction of prestressed concrete superstructures by incremental launching, and erection and removal of formwork.

Also included are guides for the placement of concrete. This includes the handling, compaction, finishing and curing of special class concrete, precast concrete members, and repair of concrete cracks. The new test method includes measuring water retention of concrete through filtration.

Austroads’ new technical specifications include:

ATS 5305 Formwork for Concrete
ATS 5315 Special Class Concrete
ATS 5316 Cementitious Mortar and Grout
ATS 5317 Coring of Hardened Concrete
ATS 5320 Placement of Concrete
ATS 5325 Precast Concrete Members
ATS 5341 Repair of Concrete Cracks
ATS 5830 Incrementally Launched Prestressed Concrete Girders
ATS 5860 Bonded Anchors
ATM 780 Water Retention of Concrete – Filtration

For more information on the above visit Austroads.

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Desi Corbett

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