Fosroc and First Graphene team up for R&D

Institute Gold Member Fosroc, a high-performance chemicals and materials manufacturer for the construction industry, will collaborate with First Graphene on research and development for graphene-enhanced cement additives.

Throughout the five-year agreement made between the two companies, each will contribute scientific and industry knowledge. Fosroc will be responsible for additive raw material supplies and formulations, mixing and dispersion, and extensive laboratory trials. And First Graphene will provide access to its PureGRAPH product range, formulation and dispersion process technologies.

Head of Technology and Product Management at Fosroc, Dr Martyn Whitehead, said the company is excited to be working on next-generation cement additives using graphene technology. He explained that the focus would be on enhancing the performance characteristics of low clinker factor cements.

Under current production methods, for every tonne of clinker produced, between 0.8 and 0.9 tonnes of CO₂ is emitted, according to First Graphene.

“By adding low dosages of PureGRAPH-enhanced cement additives to the final grinding phase of cement production, up to 20% lower clinker factor cement production is made possible while maintaining or improving cement performance,” the company stated.

“[These] will assist cement manufacturers to gain superior strength and improved physical properties while improving grinding efficiency in the griding phase of cement production.”

Last week, First Graphene also revealed results of its research program at the University of Wollongong that indicated major improvement in sulphate resistance using PureGRAPH in structural concrete and repair-mortar systems.

Results combined with improvement in compressive strength demonstrated it to be a superior multi-functional additive for concrete and mortar in critical infrastructure applications, according to the company, with the potential opportunity to be involved in mega-infrastructure water projects.

Image source: First Graphene

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