Consultation open on building services amendments

Almost a thousand building engineers are expected to be registered in Western Australia as part of new regulations that will come into effect in the state over the next few years.

In late July, the WA Minister for Commerce approved the preparation of new regulations to register building engineers in the state for the first time. This will see Amendment Regulations introduce a framework to register engineers in the civil, structural, fire safety and mechanical sectors of building engineering work and includes individuals, companies and contractors.

The Amendment will alter the BSR and BSCRA regulations and is the first part of expected reforms to improve the state’s building regulatory framework in response to recommendations in the Building Confidence Report from 2018.

Registration of engineers is expected to increase building compliance, reduce rectification costs, increase public confidence in the building industry and provide a formal recourse process for substandard engineering work.

The draft Commerce Regulations Amendment (Building Services) Regulations 2022 outline changes to the existing framework for registering building service providers in WA by defining the regulated work, the qualifications, experience, fitness and propriety, insurance and continuing professional development requirements.

The state government in WA is conducting a public consultation and comment is open until 5 PM AWST on Monday 24 October 2022. Queries and submissions can be sent to post hard copy submissions to Engineers Registration Team Policy and Legislation Branch A, Building and Energy, Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, Locked Bag 100, East Perth WA 6892.

Image: WA Government.

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