Australian ownership goes off-shore

A Belgium-based global building materials manufacturer has acquired the plasterboard and fibre cement businesses of a WA company.

The target of the European company, is BGC which focuses on residential and commercial construction and operates mainly out of Perth. It also has distribution activities and companies across South Australia, NSW, Victoria, Queensland, and New Zealand.

Belgian manufacturer, Etex Group will now expand its sustainable offering across Australia and NZ where it believes there are “significant growth opportunities”.

Gavin Burton, Regional Head for Etex’s Building Performance Division in the Asia-Pacific said the company is excited about growing its antipodean market share.

“We expect long-term market growth in Australia and New Zealand driven by an increasing population and a good penetration of key products, particularly plasterboard and fibre cement sidings.” At a cost of $155 million, Etex Group gains a large facility in Perth and a network of nine sites here and across the ditch, boosting the 120-year-old company’s presence to 24 sites and 600 staff.

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Desi Corbett

Desi is our weekly news journalist and the editor of Concrete in Australia magazine for 10 years. She has been heavily involved in all forms of engineering since 2013; part of a 30-year writing career across a range of subjects and media.