Adelaide coming up in the world

An outline of all major projects underway or planned for construction in South Australia’s capital has been released by the Adelaide Economic Development Agency.

Many of the million-dollar projects are in the triple figure category with three in excess of one billion. The most expensive are the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital at $3.2 billion and the Australia Post site in Grote Street at $1.25 billion, both of which are in the planning stage.

Following these and under construction is Walker Corporation’s Festival Tower project, a 27-storey commercial office tower with Flinders University already on board as the main tenant. A second tower has been flagged for the site, with the developer’s formal proposal sent to the South Australia Government earlier this year.

The Australian Bragg Centre, a high-tech medical and research facility (pictured) with 11 levels along with three below ground and a price tag of $500 million is under construction by Lendlease. A 14-storey office tower at 60 King William Street is being built for $450 million while an application with the same amount has been lodged for the 28-storey health and research hub, Trinity City.

The $400 million 39-storey Market Square project is under construction while two further $400 million projects lined up for Adelaide are the planned Freemasons Hall/Keystone Tower and the Entrepreneur and Innovation Centre and Hub where siteworks are underway.

Another four multi-million dollar projects are under construction and a further seven have been approved.

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Desi Corbett

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