Managing people is tough. Think of WorkIQ as your virtual HR team. Your safety net. HR guardians who will protect the interests of you and your business.

WorkIQ offer unlimited HR advice calls with their team of HR experts. No limits, no quotas, just rock-solid, proactive advice to support your business needs. Their talented team works across five states, delivering the help you need, when you need it – from ensuring you have the right policies and procedures in place, to providing advice on performance matters – ensuring you not only comply, but succeed. It’s HR, only smarter.

Here are some common areas in which they help people just like you:


Underperforming employees letting the team down? Often, a poor performing individual can derail a team or a project, so early intervention is paramount. WorkIQ will work with you to get them up to speed – or get them out!


Your business is only a s good as the people you recruit. Don’t let the wrong choice waste your time and money. WorkIQ’s expert advice will give you the knowledge you need to attract and retain the right talent for your business.

Pay & Remuneration

Pay and remuneration packages are a vital component for any employee, and yet they are often one of the most contentious elements of any employment contract. Get it right, and you attract and retain the right talent. Get it wrong, and you’re risking a second-grade talent pool and a high turnover of staff.


Facing a disciplinary issue in your business? It’s important to act quickly, while also ensuring you’re acting legally and not leaving yourself open to any repercussions. WorkIQ can help you navigate the process, and take the necessary steps to limit your risk.


Uncertain about your legal obligations? Don’t risk getting into hot water. From employment contracts, annual leave, termination, and everything in between, WorkIQ can help ensure you’re working within employment law, and not leaving your business exposed.


High staff turnover? A team of clock-watchers? Average work? It’s one thing to bring the right people into your business, but ensuring they’re motivated to perform and grow, is another. If you’re concerned your team is not living up to it’s potential, WorkIQ can work with you to help increase engagement levels.

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