Permanent Formwork for Slabs and Walls

Thursday 18 July 2024
2:00pm - 3:00pm (UTC+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney
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Event Summary

Permanent Formwork for Slabs and Walls
This webinar invites two industry practitioners to take a close look at the Design and Construction of Concrete Slabs and Walls using Permanent Formwork.

Marko Stankovic, Lysaght & Fielders Design Solutions
Berkay Dincel, Dincel Structural Walling

The webinar is presented in two sessions:
Design of Large Unpropped Span Floors using Composite Metal Deck Formwork. Marko Stankovic.
Metal Deck Formwork Range - Specific use-cases for various metal deck formwork profiles – What metal deck profile to use by structure type
Implications of metal deck formwork longitudinal shear resistance on in-service design of slabs
Shrinkage warping & drying shrinkage strain profiles – Considerations of internal restraint to shrinkage on designs adopting metal deck profiles
Long-term deflection implications of propped vs. unpropped structures
Structural design considerations of deep deck metal formwork, specifically SlimDek 210, to achieve large unpropped spans (~7m) 
Short Case Studies of SlimDek 210 in hybrid structural system solutions & various structure types (e.g. conventionally formed band beams, precast beams, steel beams, etc.)
Design and construction with Dincel permanent polymer wall formwork. Berkay Dincel.
Proudly Australian invented, owned, and locally produced, Dincel manufactures a permanent polymer formwork system for concrete walls and columns. Developed to meet the demand and pace of today’s building developments, permanent polymer wall formwork allows for fast, easy and lightweight manoeuvrability and installation. It enables load bearing walls and columns to be constructed at lower cost, in less time and with lower skill demand over traditional methods. 
This presentation will cover: 
Compliance to AS 3600 – 2018 
Solution for voids in concrete walls 
Fire compliance
Correct placement of reinforcement bars
Off-site and on-site support

The webinar will run from 2.00pm to approximately 3.00pm (AEST). It is conducted online on the Zoom platform and delegates will be emailed login details and a password for this webinar prior to the event.

Times for all States/Territories
  2.00 pm to 3.00 pm NSW / ACT / QLD / VIC / TAS  (AEST)
  1.30 pm to 2.30 pm SA / NT  (ACST)
12.00 pm to 2.00 pm WA  (AWST)

Prices (including GST):
$44.00 CIA Professional, Company & Academic Members
$22.00 CIA Retired, Life, Honorary Student
$66.00 Non-members


Marko Stankovic is a Chartered Structural Engineer and the National Engineering Manager at the Lysaght & Fielders Design Solutions Group. With over a decade of experience in design, documentation, and delivery supervision of multi-level residential, commercial, industrial, and mining structures, Marko leads a team of structural engineers and subject matter experts. Leveraging expertise in composite structures using metal deck profiles, Marko and his team consistently create value by providing free value engineering to builders and engineers in the construction industry. Marko’s work focuses on driving positive outcomes for the Australian construction industry through product innovation, development, and commercialisation of roll-formed steel products.
Berkay Dincel is a Director at Dincel Structural Walling, and a structural engineer by background. At Dincel Structural Walling, he is also heavily involved in product testing to relevant Australian and International Standards, and the managing of reports/certifications which demonstrate compliance with the Building Code of Australia.

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