Perth bridge segments cast on-site

Made from 3000 cubic metres of concrete, a total of 17 segments were cast onsite to construct the new Redcliffe Bridge currently under construction in Western Australia by Georgiou Group.

The new 310-metre two-lane structure will span Perth’s Swan River and forms part of the Tonkin Gap Project being delivered by the Tonkin Gap Alliance: BMD, Georgiou Group, WA Limestone, BG&E, and GHD. The existing Redcliffe Bridge is also being modified to accommodate eight lanes.

The bridge’s concrete segments were cast on-site and each was connected to the previous section before being launched using an incremental process that pushes the segments forward on sliding bearings using hydraulics.

Each segment has been moved up to 18 metres every 2-3 weeks, taking up to 10 months to complete. The new bridge is expected to be open to traffic by March 2023.

Other works around the bridge include continuing include fill and pavement to connect the road to the new bridge, traffic barriers, noise walls and connection to a new pedestrian/cyclist path.

The Tonkin Gap Project also includes a new loop ramp onto the Tonkin Highway at Great Eastern Highway. Final bridge beams were recently installed at Guildford Road and Railway Parade, with another 18 to be installed at Broun Avenue later this year.

In late July, a new footbridge will be installed over the Tonkin Highway at Belmont and the old footbridge will be removed as part of the estimated $400 million project.

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Desi Corbett

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