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Madewell Products is an Australian-owned supplier of premium, innovative products for the concrete construction industry. Our brands have been specially curated for their innovation at every stage of concrete construction

Madewell Products mission is to make the perfect concrete structure more sustainable, safer and more efficient to achieve, through every stage. From design through to forming, reinforcement, placement, finishing and measuring, we are focused on helping you build concrete floors so straight they defy the curvature of the earth.

Madewell Engineering, a subsidiary of Madewell Products, is helping you deliver the highest quality projects possible. Offering extensive in-house knowledge and expertise through a Design & Consult service.

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Madewell Products manufacturers and carries the world’s leading brands, renowned for quality engineering innovation and sustainability.

V-ROD Composite (GFRP) Rebars

V-ROD composite rebars have been manufactured in Canada since 1987. V-Rod glass fibre reinforced polymer bars are very resistant in tension and are made with vinyl ester resin to resist corrosion. The fibers provide the stiffness properties to the bars, while the vinyl ester resin provides the corrosion resistance property for extreme use in chemical or alkaline environments. A product made of vinyl ester and basalt fiber is also available for structures requiring more rigidity and other mechanical properties.

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Durabar (GFRP) Rebars

Dextra Group that offers solutions within the composite reinforcement industry for the past 25 years, manufacturing high quality FRP solutions across the world for large infrastructure projects as well non-structural reinforcement applications. Durabar is a perfect alternative in lieu of all types of steel reinforcement.

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MSB Form

MSB Form is an adjustable and reusable formwork solution for the concrete construction industry, designed to be compact, lightweight, and strong for all conditions and applications – commercial, industrial, residential and civil. Improve efficiency and safety, reduce labour and consumables, ensuring a cost-effective business model.

Built to Last

Each frame is designed with the highest quality steel, which is then zinc-plated and powder coated. You won’t need to replace this system for a long while. All consumables are eliminated, minimising wastage and helping you get the job done quicker, and safer.

Works in any Conditions

MSB Form is designed to work in any conditions – regular soil, clay, sand, rock and more. You can expect maximum results throughout the slab process, whether you’re using MSB Form for slab on grade, fixing down to concrete or plywood.

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Allen Engineering Corporation

Allen Engineering Corporation is a world-renowned innovative leader in the concrete industry, manufacturing a premier line of concrete placing, finishing and paving equipment.

Improves Floor Flatness

Allen equipment is specifically designed to help improve concrete floor flatness, measured by F-Numbers, and improve daily production speed and quality.

Contractor Tough

Each piece of Allen Equipment is designed and built to be “contractor tough” so it can stand up to the most challenging job-site conditions created by concrete contractors.

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Orange is the new yellow. Wacker Neuson is now Husqvarna. With over 325 years of innovation and passion, Husqvarna provides construction professionals with support, service and a wide range of machines, diamond tools and all accessories that you need to cut, saw, drill, demolish, grind and polish concrete. We let high performance meet usability and safety, making you ready to get the job done efficiently.

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Madewell Engineering

Madewell Engineering is an engineering service helping you specify and redesign with GFRP (FRP) Reinforcement. We consult with our experienced engineer team on how to design and specify composite reinforcement on projects to maximise all the benefits composite reinforcement has to offer.

Our aim is to contribute to the concrete construction industry to deliver high-quality products and services, in sustainable and efficient ways, ensuring a high-level of expertise throughout the end to end process.

By working with Madewell, you can expect incredible results through premium, innovative solutions and a relentless commitment to customer service.

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