Light and space through concrete

A concrete house with walls arranged like a stack of cards offers cross-ventilation and plenty of  natural light.

Australia’s northern neighbour, the Philippines, is home to this new concrete build, designed by Jim Caumeron Design.

Known as Through House, the aim was to expand spatial perception while using a modest lot size and to provide the maximum airflow in response to the country’s warm, tropical climate, not dissimilar to northern Australia.

The concept for the house was drawn from a previous project – Viewpoint House – but two opposite walls were removed to create spatial continuity.

At ground level, the entrance aligns with a concrete fence, with living areas extending to the outdoors.

A double-height hall allows for ventilation through the second floor windows that draw air out and a continuous bench-like element connects to the swimming pool.

Glass walls are used to enhance connection of different spaces while horizontal planes divide rooms and partial planes control sunlight along the hallway.

A billiard hall includes a small garden and balcony overlooking the front lawn.

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